“A Belgian study of 100 cases of dog bites to children concluded that 67 percent of the bites could have been prevented by modifying the behavior of either the children or the adults involved….” C.C. Holland


Below are Smart Safety Rules for children of all ages:

  1. Never, ever leave a baby and dog alone, even for an instant.
  2. Supervise all activities with your child and dog.
  3. Do not leave a baby and dog on the same level, even if you are there. Example: dog and baby on floor, dog and baby on sofa.
  4. Baby’s room is for the baby; make it off limits to the dog.
  5. If using a baby swing/bouncer/jumper, put your dog in a safe place away from the activity.
  6. Give your dog a safe place, crate or a baby-gated room where he cannot be bothered by your child. Teach your child that this safe place is for the dog and is off-limits to the child.
  7. Teach your dog not to take food off the floor. He should only eat food that is in his bowl or given to him by a person by hand.
  8. Teach your child not to take food or toys away from the dog.
  9. Teach your child not to bother the dog while he is eating
  10. Teach your child to “pet nice” and be very gentle. A stroking motion with the back of the hand is preferable to a rubbing motion.
  11. Running and screaming can frighten a dog – try to limit that activity to when the dog is not in the room with your child.
  12. Provide a soft dog bed for your dog, keeping the dog OFF the furniture and the child OFF the dog bed.
  13. Teach your child to always treat the dog with respect and gentle behavior.
  14. Older children may be taught to do commands with your dog and engage in obedience training using positive reinforcement methods, always under your supervision.


By following these guidelines, their interactions with your child can be made easier and SAFER.