Over 8,000 greyhounds are killed every year when their racing careers are over (according to the Greyhound Protection League using stats a/o 2006)

What ages are available & how long do they live?

Most retired racers are between 2 & 5 years of age and have an average life expectancy of 12-15 years of age

How tall are greyhounds & how much do they weigh?

Racing greyhounds are between 24 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 80 lbs. Generally females are smaller than males


Because greyhounds have thousands of years of ancestry which tells them to follow their instinct and run without heed they must be kept on a leash. The only exceptions to this rule are: a FULLY FENCED yard or FULLY FENCED area (with gates closed & monitored). All responsible dog owners keep their dogs on a leash, regardless of the breed

If I can’t let my greyhound run loose in my unfenced yard can I use an overhead run or tie them out on a chain or rope?

NO!! Greyhounds can never be tied out on a chain, rope, or tied out on any type of overhead run-they can accelerate very quickly and break a leg that has become tangled in the line or they can literally break their neck once they reach the end of the line.

Is a fenced yard necessary in order to adopt a greyhound?

If you have young children a fenced yard is a requirement of adoption

Are greyhounds good with children?

Because greyhounds are gentle by nature, most are fine with children provided the children have been taught respect for animals

Are greyhounds compatible with other animals?

Yes, most greyhounds are good with small animals & enjoy the company of other dogs. On the application indicate what animals you currently have

Are greyhounds suited to apartment/condo living?


How long can a greyhound be left alone?

Eight to nine hours. Any longer, we advise you hire a pet walker

How do I know that my greyhound will be good with my cat?

We cat test all of our dogs & provide you with instructions on how to introduce your new dog to your current pets

Do greyhounds make good watchdogs?

No, generally speaking greyhounds don’t bark & are happy to see all visitors

Are greyhounds hyper/do they require a lot of exercise?

No! This is probably the most common misconception about greyhounds. They enjoy, but don’t require, moderate exercise. In most households the experience of a brisk walk is enough to keep both the adopter and adoptee in good shape. In reality, greyhounds are very much couch potatoes in the home and enjoy lounging with the family

Is it difficult to housebreak a greyhound?

At the track, greyhounds are used to being let out of their crates several times a day into a fenced area to exercise and relieve themselves. A similar routine, including the use of a crate and walking on leash if you don’t have a fenced yard, in their new home makes housebreaking relatively easy

Will my greyhound be altered before I adopt it?

Yes, ALL of the greyhounds we place are altered, inoculated, have had their teeth cleaned, have been treated for worms and tested for heartworms prior to adoption

How long does it take for a greyhound to bond & to adjust?

Because greyhounds are very friendly and thrive on human companionship, bonding usually occurs within a matter of days. Adjusting to a new environment and routine may take a few weeks

Can I specify to adopt either a male or female?

Yes. Males and females are always available and make equally good pets


How long does the adoption process take?

We start our process as soon as we receive your application. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to adopt your dog, but it could take longer depending on the complexity of your application

What will my greyhound need?

A special collar & leash which is included with the adoption. You will also need a crate, dog bowls, blanket or bed, HIGH quality dry dog food such as Wellness, California Natural, Solid Gold HundNFlocken (adult formulas) and annual veterinary care