Fran Crocco

Fran adopted her first greyhound, Ashley, in January 1998. Fran and her husband Chuck explored the breed when trying to find a companion for their male Jack Russell Terrier, Oliver. They were looking for a calmer breed to pair with Oliver and ran into someone with a greyhound at a JRT Terrier Trial, who told them how well her greyhound got along with her JRTs due to a good balance of personality and energy (a great deal of energy on the JRT part, very calm on the greyhound part).

After meeting other individuals that had adopted and told wonderful stories of their beloved greys, they adopted Ashley, a small brindle female, from NJGAP.  Ashley was a bit shy at first but with training and a confident partner in Oliver, she slowly came out of her shell and ended up being a perfect partner for Oliver.  When Fran heard of the Plainfield track closing in early 2005, she felt that she needed to help and reached out to NJGAP to offer to foster.  Since that first foster, Fran and Chuck have continued to foster for NJGAP (15 dogs so far), as well as adopting additional greyhounds Tessa in 2010 and Sammy in 2013.

Fran began regular participation in NJGAP Meet & Greet and promotional events after moving to Readington Township in early 2007.  Tessa is now 9 years old and has made an excellent M&G dog, a great foster “sister” as well as being a wonderful Therapy dog, holding certification from the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. Tessa has also received the AKC Canine Good Citizen title, as well as the AKC Therapy Dog Advance title.


Gus adopted his first greyhound, Fergus, in May 2001 after falling in love with the breed many years earlier at a hot air balloon festival, where he saw a pair of fawn greyhounds relaxing at an adoption booth amid all the hustle and bustle of the festival.  Fast forward 6 years to 2007 when he and Fergus first began volunteering at NJGAP Meet & Greets (M&Gs) to educate the public about greyhound rescue and adoption.

Gus led the creation of a fun, interactive presentation called “The Greyhound Story” to educate various civic organizations about greyhound rescue/adoption (Girl Scout and Boy Scoot troops, church groups, senior citizens, libraries, etc.).  He is both NJGAP’s Public Relations and M&G coordinator, ensuring all our M&Gs are posted in various media outlets (both online and in local newspapers), and arranges for monthly M&Gs throughout the year in different venues across central NJ.

Gus currently owns two greyhounds, an outgoing, 7 yr. old red fawn male named “Ronan” and a senior, 12 yr. old fawn brindle male named “Duffy”.  Gus fostered his first greyhound “Liam” in December 2017 and will continue to foster going forward.